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Pamplona, Spain
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Somewhere between France and Spain ...

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Rested up and ready for the all night party ...

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The celebration begins ...

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  We make more friends ...

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Sleeping bags in the park for the weary ...

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Daylight ... Bring on the bulls ... the streets begin to fill

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The crowd watches as runners gather  ...

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8:00 a.m ... Cannon fires ... Estafeta ...

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We made it ... as did our new friends Aaron and Jeff (big time movie makers from Hollywood)

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For demonstrating his bravery and courage, Aaron makes the front page ...

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Jeff January (also a Texan) is a 1st Assistant Director in Hollywood, CA.  Here he is on the set of his most recent movie "Boat Trip" at an undisclosed location somewhere in Europe with the Swedish Bikini Team.  His girlfriend, Erika Johnson (on his right - center, red) was recently crowned Miss Hawaiian Tropic International 2001.  Congratulations Erika!

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More Erika ...

Erika Johnson, Miss Hawaiian Tropic International 2001


Pamplona ... a new day and the celebration continues

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We survived ... now on to Normandy