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The Ranger Museum at Grandcamp-Maisy (near Pointe Du Hoc) prominently features former Texas A&M President, Lt. Col. James Earl Rudder.   His 2nd Ranger Battalion was the first to assault the 100 ft. cliffs on D-Day.  Their mission was to destroy six 155mm German howitzers ...  with a range of over 14 miles, they could have severely damaged the Allied invasion fleet.

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German bunkers and tunnels were numerous under Pointe du Hoc ...

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The site looks very much the same as it did on June 6, 1944 (D-Day) ... the land still scarred from the bombing 

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Marker commemorates Col. Rudder and his men's accomplishments at Pointe du Hoc...

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Normandy American Cemetery at "Omaha Beach" ... 172.5 Acres ... Contains the remains of 9,387 servicemen and women ... The Garden of the Missing contains a semi-circular wall with the names of 1,557 missing in the region

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"Omaha Beach" ...

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A few postcards ...

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Arromanches .... where Allied forces built a floating dock to serve as a harbor for ships ....

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Outside the 360 theater ... where a panoramic film combines WWII documentary footage with current film of the area

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Some final words for our own film ...

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Snacks on the night train from Paris to Frankfurt ...

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Lights out.  Last leg before the flight back home.

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